Can You See Yourself in a Custom Luxury Cab?

When you start your truck driving career, one thing that will become apparent almost immediately is that you will be spending a lot of time in your cab. Not only will you be sitting in it when you’re driving, but you’ll also likely be sleeping there, changing clothes, and relaxing between runs. However, traditional cabs are small, and many drivers find them uncomfortable, so a market has sprung up for luxury, custom cabs. These cabs have more space and lots of features that make life on the road a little easier. Could a custom cab be right for you? Here is what you need to know.


What exactly is a custom luxury cab?

The typical cab can only accommodate a twin mattress that is usually crammed in so tight that changing clothes is difficult and team driving is next to impossible. In the 1980s, big-berth trucks with large cabs became popular, but they fell out of favor because of their heavy weight and difficult management. The idea of having a bigger cab with plenty of space has come back into fashion, in the form of luxury cabs. These cabs have lots of space to spread out, and they make team driving more manageable. They feature plenty of home comforts, and because of changes in materials and design, these cabs are much more lightweight than those of the past.  


What is in these kinds of cabs?

Truck drivers can get luxury cabs designed to their specifications. However, most have a bed, seating area, computer desk, kitchenette with a microwave and electric stove, a bathroom, and even a shower. The design is similar to an RV, although smaller, and the features can be adapted to meet the driver’s preferences.


Who should consider a custom luxury cab?

Over-the-road drivers who are out for long stretches of time can save money in overhead costs, since they have so much of what they need on board. These cabs are also beneficial for team drivers. The extra living space makes team driving much more tenable, which in turn increases earning potential.


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