Top Educational Podcasts for Truckers

Being a truck driver means long stretches alone on the road, which provides the perfect opportunity to listen to podcasts. Listening to podcasts as you drive will break up the monotony and help to keep you engaged, which in turn will help you concentrate on the road. There are podcasts out there for every interest, including some that will expand your knowledge and let you dive deeper into topics that interest you or that you want to learn more about. If you’re interested in listening to podcasts, here are some suggestions to get you started.

Good Job, Brain!

If you like trivia, then you will love Good Job, Brain! This podcast combines a quiz show with offbeat news and trivia about everything from literature to Patrick Swayze. There are nearly 200 episodes available for you to enjoy now, and new ones are added periodically. Listening to this podcast on the road means you’ll be ready to beat all of your family and friends in your favorite trivia games when you return home.

Stuff You Should Know and Stuff to Blow Your Mind

Stuff You Should Know and Stuff to Blow Your Mind were both created by the team behind the popular HowStuffWorks website. Stuff You Should Know offers general information on a huge variety of topics, in a similar fashion to the HowStuffWorks website. Stuff to Blow Your Mind, as the name suggests, is focused on little-known facts about evolution, cosmic mysteries, and more.

Back to Work

Back to Work deals with topics that are of significant interest to truck drivers, such as productivity, time constraints, communication challenges, and other issues that often come up in working life. If you’re struggling with things like dealing with dispatch or managing hours on deliveries, this podcast is for you.

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