Working Well with Your Dispatcher: Tips for New Drivers

One of the most important working relationships you will have as a truck driver is with your dispatcher. For new drivers, getting this relationship right can be challenging. Your dispatcher is supposed to tell you where to go and when, but they may not always seem to be making the decisions that are right for the way you work or the driving conditions. Because the dispatcher will report the miles you drive—information that is then used to generate your paycheck—you don’t want feuds, drama, or misunderstandings. These tips will help new truck drivers avoid dispatcher conflicts while they adjust to the job.


Recognize What Dispatchers Do

Some new truckers struggle with their dispatchers because they really don’t understand their roles. Dispatchers are in charge of making sure that the trucking company can transport the maximum amount of goods in the fastest time possible for as little money as possible. This allows the company to be profitable. They schedule truck drivers based on this goal. Although they want their truckers to be able to meet the schedules that they set, their job isn’t to make sure the route you want to take suits your needs, but instead that it meets the goal of maximizing the company’s bottom line.


Confirm Job Details Before a Run

When your dispatcher gives you job, make sure you understand all of the details. Review the mileage, figure out who is responsible for paperwork, and discuss any obstacles that you think you might have. It will avoid conflicts later if you are both on the same page before the job begins.


Speak Up for Safety

If a dispatcher is giving you an unrealistic schedule that will compromise your safety, speak up. You should also avoid agreeing to a specific delivery date and instead confirm that you will do your best to get it there on time. When you need to speak up about your schedule, don’t argue. Keep your cool and work towards a solution that works for you both.


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