Truck Driving Jobs

Phoenix Truck Driving School at Fort Bliss helps military members, veterans, and their families start their trucking careers. A commercial driver’s license (CDL) gives you the opportunity to pursue a variety of truck driving jobs. Our school offers a job placement and career planning team who can help you find companies that are hiring new graduates. Many of our students even have offers before they finish their training.

Types of Driving Jobs

Driving a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) for a living gives you the freedom to choose the career path that works best for you.

These categories of trucking jobs are based on route length:

OTR Trucking

Over-the-road (OTR) trucking involves moving freight long distances across the continental United States. Being an OTR driver requires a large amount of travel and these jobs typically involve spending 3 to 4 weeks at a time on the route. Long-haul trucking will usually pay more than local or regional jobs, although this varies depending on the company.

Regional Jobs

If you prefer to get home more often than is possible with OTR trucking, you may want to consider a regional job. These routes deliver freight within a state or a radius of a few states. There is less variety and lower pay than most long-haul jobs, but the increased home time makes this a great middle ground between OTR and local driving.

Local Jobs

Driving locally allows you to stay close to your family and get home daily or nightly. Delivery jobs have local routes and there are also passenger-carrying options such as driving a shuttle, limousine, or bus.

These types of jobs vary based on who you drive with/for:

Solo Driving

With a solo job, you are the only person driving your rig during a haul. The benefit of this is that you have control over when you stop, what you listen to, and other day-to-day decisions.

Team Driving

Two drivers can keep a semi-truck moving more effectively than one and team driving often pays more due to the ability to cover more miles in the same amount of time. You can drive with someone you already know who has their CDL, such as a spouse. Many trucking companies have team matching if you do not have someone you know to work with.


CDL drivers typically start out working for a motor carrier to haul freight. Owner-operators own their rigs and contract with companies to transport cargo. This may involve operating under the authority of a motor carrier or finding hauls at freight boards. Becoming an owner-operator can increase your earning potential, but it also requires a significant investment of both time and money to get started.

You can also explore different opportunities based on the type of freight:

Dry van trucking is one of the most common options for new truckers. The freight is easy to haul and this makes it a good choice for when you are gaining experience.

Refrigerated Trucks

Refrigerated trucks (reefers) transport temperature-controlled freight, often fresh food. There is more responsibility involved in driving a reefer compared to a dry van, and this typically translates into higher pay.


Liquids and gases require an endorsement to transport and are hauled in tank trucks (tankers). These vehicles may also haul dry bulk, which does not require the endorsement.


Hazardous materials (hazmat) require a CDL endorsement to haul and require drivers to follow strict safety procedures. Jobs involving hazmat usually have competitive pay.

Flatbed Trucking

Instead of an enclosed trailer, a flatbed semi-truck has a platform and drivers need to secure freight by tying it down. There is more physical labor involved in flatbed trucking compared to other jobs. As a result, the pay per mile is usually higher.

Options outside of the traditioning trucking industry include:

Highway Maintenance Technician

The large vehicles used to maintain highways may require a CDL to operate. These jobs allow you to stay close to home while still using your license.


Dispatchers communicate with truckers and track fleets, ensuring freight arrives on-time and undamaged. These individuals act as a go-between between motor carriers and drivers.

CDL School Instructor

After you’ve gained experience as a driver, you may choose to teach at a CDL school. This allows you to stay in one place while educating the next generation of truckers.

Job Placement Assistance

At Phoenix Truck Driving School, we have a job placement assistance team who can help you find a career that matches your needs, goals, and desires. We can help you determine what type of trucking will be the best fit and will assist you in finding companies that are hiring new graduates.

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