What Kind of Salary Can You Expect As a Trucker?

If you are thinking about making any kind of career change, one of your first considerations may be how much money you can make in your new job. A paycheck may not be the only reason you work, but it can be good motivation when it comes to pursuing new career opportunities. In the United States, truckers are well-compensated—even in entry-level positions—and there are many additional benefits that can be expected for those who work full-time. To learn if a trucking career may be in your future, take a look at the type of salary you can expect.

Your Starting Salary

Solo, over-the-road truckers comprise much of the workforce on the road, and these individuals take regional and long-haul trips with a wide variety of cargo. In your first job as a trucker, you might expect to take home about $40,000 annually with opportunities for bonuses.

Your Earning Potential

As you gain experience as a driver, you might think about your career growth. One path you might take is specializing in specific types of cargo, such as hazardous materials. With certification in niche trucking jobs, you can increase your earnings substantially. Alternatively, you may consider partnering with a fellow driver to take on more lucrative team driving positions, or you might strive to become an owner-operator running your own business as a trucker.

Your Benefits Package

Most trucking jobs will be full-time positions, which means that you’ll be eligible for benefits such as health insurance and paid time off. Many truckers enjoy longer periods of time off after long trips on the road, and this benefit of the job can facilitate a more fulfilling family life at home.

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