Breaking Misconceptions About Truck Driving

There are a lot of misconceptions out there, and they give people the wrong impressions about things that they aren’t familiar with. Many people think truck driving is only for men, that truck drivers never see their families, and that they all use drugs in order to keep up with the workload. These are merely myths, so keep reading and break the misconceptions about truck driving.

Only for Men

While most truck drivers are men, this statistic doesn’t mean that women can’t enter the industry. As long as you are able bodied and determined, you can get the job done. Women also tend to gravitate towards jobs like dispatching, but they can be truck drivers as well.

Never Seeing Family

It’s true that some truck drivers don’t come home very frequently, but that’s not the standard for the industry. How frequently you come home depends on the type of truck driving you do. Some drivers take regional routes that keep them on the road for days at a time, and others come home every day. If you have a family to worry about, keep that in mind when applying for the truck driving job of your choice.

Using Drugs

There is a stereotype about truck drivers that claims they use drugs like amphetamines to stay awake during their long routes. However, truck drivers are regularly drug tested to make sure they don’t use or abuse drugs in any context. Staying awake longer than you should will take a toll on your reflexes and reaction time, which is the last thing you’d want as a professional truck driver. Modern truck drivers know better than to use drugs as an aid, and will instead turn towards healthier alternatives to keep them going.

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