Tips for Driving Through Big Cities

Once you graduate from truck driving school with your CDL, you’ll be ready to build a rewarding career on the road. However, you’ll continue to learn from practical experience long after you graduate. It may take a little trial and error before you’re flawlessly executing trips in and out of major cities, but the following tips will help you get off on the right foot.

Try to avoid rush hour.

City streets are difficult enough to deal with, but rush hour traffic can make it far more challenging. Always plan your trip so that you’re driving through the city during less highly trafficked times of the day or night. Some truckers like to enter big cities at night and park overnight at the customer’s lot. Always call ahead before you do this to ensure there’s a safe place to park.

Double-check your directions.

While you’re driving through a major metropolitan area, the last thing you want to worry about is having to turn around. Get directions from the customer, your GPS, and your company via the Qualcomm. Make sure there are no low bridges on your planned route, and check for construction detours. If you’re driving to a new customer, you might also consider checking the address on Google Earth. It’s helpful to know exactly which entrance you should use and where the loading docks are located.

Know the local rules.

Some major municipalities have designated trucking routes that you should follow when you’re in town. New York City is one example. You can go on the NYC DOT website to get the current information on the Local Truck Route Network. When you’re in that area, you’re expected to use the designated routes as much as possible.

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