Looking Back on the History of Truck Driving

For more than a century, commercial trucks have helped to transport goods and materials around the country. If you want to become a part of today’s trucking industry, now is a great time to enroll at a truck driving school. After you graduate from your truck training courses, you will be ready to embark on a fulfilling truck driving career. Here is a look back at some of the top highlights in the history of the truck driving industry.

Origins of Truck Driving

The origins of truck driving can be traced back to around 1900, when the first commercial vehicles started to make deliveries along America’s roadways. These early trucks were equipped with dense rubber tires, which weighed them down and made them slow. By 1912, electric lights and lighter wheels helped to improve the productivity of the trucking industry.

Development of the Fifth Wheel

Today’s commercial trucks are based on the early fifth wheel truck designed that first emerged in the 1920s. The invention of the fifth wheel allowed trucks to travel faster while carrying heavier loads. By 1935, commercial trucking had become so prevalent that the federal government found it necessary to pass the Motor Carrier Act, which placed new regulations on the industry.

Invention of Refrigerated Trailers

Another important innovation in the truck driving industry was the invention of refrigerated trailers in the 1950s. Prior to the introduction of refrigerated trailers, perishable goods were very difficult to transport across long distances. To the present day, refrigerated trailers are used to move produce, dairy, and other perishable goods.

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