CB Terminology for Newbies

Citizens band (CB) radio is a short-wave radio service that is often used by long-haul truck drivers to communicate with each other. While many people associate CB radio with its short-lived popularity in the 1970s, it’s still a useful tool for truckers who want to alert each other to accidents, road construction, and other common driving hazards. If you’re going to be using a CB radio, you should know that these stations have their own unique terminology.

Before sending out your own transmissions, check out this list of common CB slang terms:

Alligator. If somebody says “There’s an alligator in the road,” it doesn’t mean a 10-foot reptile—it means that there’s a piece of tire trade lying in the road. “Gator” is sometimes used instead.

Evel Knievel. A slang term for a police officer on a motorcycle.

Go-go juice. This term refers to the diesel fuel you use to fill up most trucks. “Motion lotion” is another popular term.

Good neighbor. The once-popular term “good buddy,” which you may remember from the movies, is no longer used. Instead, “good neighbor” is used to address another driver.

Granny lane. Remember those “Slower Traffic Keep Right” signs? This term refers to the slow lane. The fast lane is known as the “hammer lane.”

Hammer down. Simply put, this means “Speed up!”

Hole in the wall. This simply means a tunnel.

Kiddie car. A term for a school bus.

Ratchet jaw. This is a term for somebody who talks too much, keeping other truckers from using the radio.

Sandbagging. This means listening to the radio without making a contribution.

Smokey. Perhaps the most famous CB slang term of all, this is used to refer to a police officer. Sometimes “Smokey the Bear” is also used.

Thermos bottle. This means a tanker trailer.

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