Sean Edwards

“In late 2009 I [was] looking to start a career as a trucker. I was greeted by AnnMarie Connor. She was very helpful explaining everything and made me feel very comfortable. Before I knew it I was attending the school and had a pre hire letter from DSW. After school was over I was officially hired on as a solo driver with DSW. The process of going straight from the school to a solo driver with DSW was flawless. Within days I was placed with a mentor to start my OTR training. After my six weeks of OTR training was over I didn’t have to wait to get on a truck of my own. The driver managers at DSW were always very helpful and kept me running and making good money. After 6 months as a company driver I made the leap to become an owner operator with the company. Again the process was flawless and was in my own truck in no time. It has been over two years now since I became an owner operator. DSW has always been there if I needed any help. The miles are great and the money is even better. My experience … has been a very positive one. I am a successful owner operator and have a great track record all thanks to everyone … who helped me along the way.”